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We Send Maintenance Reminders

It’s often hard to know (and remember) what preventative maintenance schedule to follow. That’s why we send regular maintenance and recommended service reminders to our customers. Follow your factory scheduled maintenance to avoid major repair later down the road.

Oil Changes


Oil changes aren’t the quick and simple service they used to be. Standards have risen on modern vehicles. Most people have a hard time keeping up with the specifications. The most beneficial improvement, however, is the longer-lasting oil. This saves drivers money. It cuts the number of recommended oil changes per year in half, which parallels tire rotation recommendations. We rotate tires with our oil changes.



A quality filter can save you money by preventing major issues. Sure you can save a couple of bucks by going to the parts store and getting the cheapest version, but is that going to help you if your Mass Air Flow Sensor fails or your gas mileage goes down because of it? We prefer to offer a guarantee.



Drive Belts, Serpentine Belts, and V Belts are essential for connecting and powering almost everything on your vehicle.

These days, parts are made with advanced compounds allowing them to last longer. It also saves you money and allows the use of new testing techniques to avoid recommending replacement of belts too often. Our certified, trained technicians check the belt tensioner and pulleys. That’s because even with advanced compounds belts can fail at half their lifespan. If you don’t need a new belt, we won’t recommend it.

Light Bulbs


Every bulb is the same, right? Not so much. Just like vehicles, there are different makes and models. We’ve researched the longevity of product lines so we install the longest lasting and best possible performing parts in your car.

Fluid Changes


Fluids on modern vehicles are engineered to last 2-3 times longer than they did 20 years ago. Knowing when all of the fluids in your vehicle need to be replaced can be a bit tricky these days. That’s why we approach every fluid on your vehicle from two different perspectives.

1) What does the owner’s manual say?
This one is easy and checked every time you visit our shop.

2) What is the current condition, compared to a known good sample?
If you are a customer, you’ve noticed our vehicle health reports give you a side by side comparison of fluids. We want you to trust what we are recommending, and help you make an educated decision. It’s part of putting customers first.


Tire Rotation


Unlike most things on modern vehicles, tire rotations have remained simple. So simple in fact, we will perform a tire rotation based upon the condition and wear of your tires with every oil change.

Brake Fluid and Maintenance


Brake fluid is another essential part of how or if your brakes operate correctly. Brake fluid helps propel the entire hydraulic brake system in your vehicle. Without it, your brakes won’t work. Therefore, every time you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll check your brake fluid level and report what we find on your inspection. Similarly, we’ll inspect it every subsequent visit.



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