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What You Can Expect From Our Service

Finding an automotive repair shop that you can trust can be intimidating. With us, you can expect honest, detailed, and transparent service. We want you to choose Long Arm Mechanics because we help you make informed decisions and provide excellent serviceWe include photos and videos for every service we recommend on your Vehicle Health ReportWe also use that information to keep you up-to-date on when your regular maintenance is due.
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Breaking from the industry standard and focusing on “quality over quantity” as a business model has really helped us set a new standard. You should choose Long Arm Mechanics because we truly believe Every Car Counts, Not More Car Count.

Focused on your convenience

Our goal is to make the stressful process of auto repair easier than ever. Here are a few things we provide to ensure customer convenience:

Secure After Hours Key Drop

Online Scheduling & Appointment Reminders


Courtesy Digital Vehicle Health Report

Service Reminders & Follow-ups

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At Long Arm Mechanics, we value our community. Thus, we know we have a social responsibility to uplift, and support our local community and community members. We do this by helping those in need via our Green Light Outreach Program. We also support local businesses here in Boise, Garden City, and Meridian by buying and shopping locally because where you spend your money matters. Your business allows us to continue our community efforts.

the digital difference

Long Arm Mechanics uses the same software as dealerships to deliver the best possible service to our customers. We have customized our Digital Vehicle Inspections to deliver personalized Vehicle Health Reports for every customer, every vehicle, every time.

As a digital shop, we have built our process around you, our customer. We want to provide excellent service and outstanding work. We do that through our process. See the steps below that show how we stand out from other paper-based shops.

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Step One

Acknowledge & Listen

When you schedule your appointment, we gather as much information as possible so our technicians can better diagnose and address your concerns.

Step Two

Drop Off

Whether you’re handing us the keys, using our secure after-hours key drop, or having your vehicle towed in, we offer flexibility when dropping off your vehicle with us. When dropping off, we confirm your concerns and gather any additional information to better help our technicians.

Step Three

Testing & Inspection

When you bring your vehicle to us for a specific concern, we want to make sure we’re addressing that concern in all of its complexity.

Step Four


Our sales process is not sales at all; it’s education. We’ll prioritize everything, and include educational pictures and videos. Whether you prefer texts or email, you can easily share your digital estimate and Vehicle Health Report with friends or family. Call, text, or email with your approval then we can get started!

Step Five


After we’re finished performing our final inspections and courtesy wash on your vehicle, it’s parked on our finish line. We’ll notify you via text, email, or phone. 

Step Six

Follow Up

We make an upcoming or immediate recommendation on our Vehicle Health Report, based upon your annual mileage (calculated from the mileage on all your visits) and the severity of the recommendation. We’ll remember for you and send you a reminder!

That’s part of our “Complete Customer & Car Care.”

How we collaborate with our partners

We want to provide the best parts, products, services, and warranties in the industry. Thus, we partner with some of the most reputable companies in the industry. We are happy to call all of these companies our affiliated partners.

Long Arm Mechanics is a AAA Approved Auto Repair Center. That means you never have to feel stressed out about car repair again. As a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop, we offer a one-of-a-kind, unrivaled experience. We achieved this through friendly, approachable, and highly-trained service staff. Our facility also undergoes rigorous inspections and annual customer reviews conducted by AAA.

All Long Arm Mechanics’ technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified, or factory-trained. That means we meet the industry standard for excellence in automotive repair.

CARFAX is a service that supplies vehicle history reports. These records show reported services and maintenance done throughout a vehicle’s lifetime. Often, we can see the mileage at the time of service giving us a deeper look into the vehicle’s past. This is particularly useful for potential buyers.

This is one more way for us to educate ourselves and our customers before making a service recommendation.

2023 Carfax Top-Rated Service Center
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